April 7, 2008

Picked Last for Kickball, but Alltop Now

I have had a really good run this past week. I am having fun. I am giggly.
Giggly, is that even a word? I guess it is, there isn't a little squiggly line under it.

Wanna know why? On top of being a full time Mom and Wife and a part time Consultant and Instructor; in addition to whatever other projects I dip my hands into these days, I also try to squeeze in a little bit of a social life. For me though, a social life is not hanging out at the salon or going to bars. I don't even do many play dates yet. I also don't watch soaps or day time TV unless you count PBS Kids, Between the Lions, Word World, or the Doodlebops. Instead, I've been spending my Naptime Happy Hour and other 'Mommy needs a break time' hangin with these fine folks.

Here are just some of the things that made my week:

★ I got a shout out from Liana Lehua at Girls Gone Geek. If you're a chic and you're into tech, you should really check them out. One of these days I'm going to join them in a chat sometime. I'll keep ya posted!

Check out April 3rd Girls Gone Geek - Episode 27 at 37:00 in.
Check their page and subscribe in iTunes!

Leo Laporte said hello to me and referred to me as a "twitter friend" all the way from Australia on a live broadcast. I was tuned into the IRC chat room at the time and he saw me log in and said hello. It was a nice surprise. It's so nice to know I'm a Twitter Friend, not an automated, script-added twitter feed. He actually follows me. (unlike some tweeple and you know who you are and it doesn't matter because you probably don't read my blog anyhow.) That's pretty darn cool. I still wanna hug that guy. Maybe some day I will.

Guy Kawasaki added me Alltop.com
I'm an Alltop Mom!

✓ Go to moms.alltop.com and look for me!

★ On Sunday, (Holy Mac Sunday) I participated in a live discussion with Victor Cajiao and his co-host, Steve Stanger of The Mac Attack, on the Typical Mac User Podcast Live over at TalkShoe.com.
TMUP Live 73: Life Hacking with Steve Stanger
I got to rant about email woes and discuss some of my philosophies on lifehacking. (I've only just begun starting to voice my ideas about lifehacking, and now I feel inspired. You can expect more of that from me in the near future.)

✓ If you'd like to hear my rant, you can download and listen to it here at 18:45 in.
Better yet, subscribe in iTunes! It's a really great show if you're a recent switcher or slider and it's an even better show for the Mac community group of people who listen and share.

★ Also on Sunday evening, I had a discussion with a fellow Mac community colleague, Tony Walla, and we brainstormed some ideas about a possible podcast. What's that dripping sound? A leak? Did you hear that? (just givin ya some linky love and some motivation, Tony!) So, that's one more thing to be excited about.

(I've been on a couple of podcasts here and there by now, but I've only started to mention it now since I'm in the sharing mood. I'll try to keep better tabs on it from now on.)

Now, for a little story as to why I feel so compelled to share this with all of you interwebbers. [Proceed to fuzzy daydream memory fade.]

When I was a little girl, I was always picked last for everything. They picked me last for kickball because I sucked at it. They named a special kick just for me. They called it "The Missy Kick." The ball was pitched. The ball started to roll towards me. Even before it reached my foot, all of the kids would start walking to assume their new field positions for the next inning. Almost never fail, I would punt it straight into the open arms of the pitcher. Instant out. Fail. No pass go. I was the last player to stand at bat, so my kick usually signaled the end of an inning and sometimes the end of the game. I always walked back to the classroom feeling dejected. Kids can be so cruel.

Well, I'm all grown up now (well, sort of) and I probably still suck at kickball, but that's Okay.

Featured in Alltop
See this badge? I get to add it to my pieces of flare! This means something to me.
It means that I now Rock at Recess!
(as in Nap Time Happy Hour or what I do with my Mommy "me" time like blogging and networking.)

Wanna see my letter to Guy Kawasaki? Here is a screen shot of my letter. (click to enlarge.)

Here is a screen shot of Guy Kawasaki's response. I think I'll be saving this one.

Who needs kickball when you have this?


  1. Whoa, way to be productive! Just reading this makes me feel like I need a nap. ;-)

  2. Gee, thanks for calling me out I think. Now I need to post something today so I don't look like a lazy jerk. Jerk isn't really the word I was looking for, but the coffee hasn't kicked in yet.


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